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Our natural wines

We want to fill the bottle with what is special about the Eisenberg area as naturally as possible. Without oenological aids. Mother nature has set up everything necessary. And we have mastered our craft, we have the necessary basic characteristics: letting go, patience, trust, time, calm. No measuring and analyzing. Just our senses, our feelings. This is why our type of natural wine is not just a departure from industrial methods, but a constant listening to ourselves, a calibration of our own senses without drifting into the esoteric. Our style is shaped by the soil, the grape variety, the vintage. The wines rest firmly on these foundations. Put simply, the soil in the wine shows minerality or saltiness. The grape variety has a wide variety of aromas and the vintage has structural elements. Our contribution as a winemaker is to create harmony between everything. Swings in all possible directions are allowed and even desired. We want to fill the Eisenberg terroir with its subtleties as authentically as possible.



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