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We are firmly convinced that organically cultivated vineyards bring more delicious wines into the glass.
Our approach in the production of wine sounds simple: As little as possible, as much as necessary - combined with a lot of instinct.
On the one hand this means, that we consciously decided not to use some oennological aids.
Our wines have to make do with what the vineyards around Eisenberg in southern Burgenland in Austria provides for them. On the other hand we rely on our senses. This means we don't select the grapes when they have reached a certain level of sugar, but when we personally like the taste of them. Sounds romantic and simple but it isn't. This requires a lot of experience and foresight. The time of the harvest is one of the most important factors for the taste of the wine later on. That is why we regularly go through each vineyard very carefully and taste the grapes in various places in order to get a feeling for the right harvest time.
The careful handling of the grapes is essential in the cellar. Groszer Wein doesn't use methods like "pumping over" in the wine making process. That is why we lift a lot and if there is no other way shovel. But it is the many little details which make a huge difference.
At the end of the day we want to bring finest Austrian wines into the bottles, which don't require critical analysis but rather create a good feeling through the amazing taste of the wines. The same good feeling we have had when we have created it. The love for our craft can be tasted in the glass.



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