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Groszer Wein

These are our winery managers Markus Bach and Edgar Brutler, who are new to the team and have been responsible for the wine-making process since 2020. Together the two pursue one goal: to produce wine that reflects the character of the region around the Eisenberg.

With more than 21 hectares of vine area, "Blaufränkisch" is the main grape variety here but white wine varieties such as Pinot Noir, Syrah or the "Rotburger (Zweigelt) also grow in the best locations and we are keen to develop these too..

Also new in 2020 were the owners: The Lindner Family, who are very involved in the expansion and support of ecological agriculture in Europe.

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Is there anything better than cooking with your friends, clinking your glasses with one of our selected wines and enjoying the time together.

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Groszer Wein News

Dec 10, 2021

Der Jahrgang 2021

Sehr wenig, sehr gut. Die Erntemenge war heuer leider sehr gering. Gründe hierfür gibt es einige. Verrieselung der Tr...

Jul 16, 2021


Qualitätswein? Es war einmal ein Winzer. Er arbeitete immer kostenbewusst. Deshalb ließ er seine Trauben maschinell v...

Mar 18, 2021

Pet Nat - PETillant NATurell - Natürlich schäumend

Früher war es Champagner, jetzt ist es Pet Nat, was wir für alle Lebenslagen brauchen. Er ist auch in der Herstellun...

Groszer Wein Enjoyment with a strong character in every drop

We stand for ecological agriculture. We are firmly convinced that organically cultivated vineyards bring more harmonious wines into the glass. Austrian top-quality wines with their very own character.
 Our approach in the production of wine sounds simple: As little as possible, as much as necessary - combined with a lot of intuition.
We consciously refuse to use some oenological aids. Our wines have to make do with what the vineyards around Eisenberg, in the southern Burgenland in Austria provide for them.  We don’t harvest the grapes when they have reached a certain sugar content, but when we personally like the taste of them. Sounds romantic and simple but it isn't. This requires a lot of experience and foresight. Foresight that already has the wine in mind from seeing the very first wine shoots. The timing of the harvest is one of the most important factors for the taste of the wine later on. That is why we regularly go through each vineyard very carefully and taste the grapes in various places in order to get a feeling for the right harvest time. To get the unique characteristics of Eisenberg into the wine. 
The careful handling of the grapes is essential in the cellar. Groszer Wein doesn't use methods like "pumping over" in the wine making process. That is why we lift a lot and if there is no other way shovel. 
But it’s the many little details which make a huge difference.  At the end of the day we want to bring Austrian, southern Burgenland wine into the bottle which does not require critical analysis, but rather creates a good feeling through the full character of the wine. The same good feeling we had when we created it. The love for our craft can be tasted in the glass.

Austria, and especially the southern Burgenland, is a country that produces wonderful wines. Discover our unique Groszer wines. Order wines from our winery online and let them be delivered for free to your home within a few working days. Discover the unique characteristics of the Eisenberg, the heart of the southern Burgenland, in every single bottle of our Groszer Wein.


We make wine with joy and passion.

In Austria, in Burgenland, more precisely in southern Burgenland, directly on the Eisenberg and on the Csaterberg, the two landmarks of southern Burgenland. In the middle of the idyllic Kellerstöckl, our wines grow on poor slate soil. Blaufränkisch, Welschriesling, even Müller Thurgau.

No way is too far, no day is too long and no shovel is too heavy to carry this feeling into the wine bottle. We are also very lucky that we are allowed to make wine from these grapes in this special area in southern Burgenland. The area around the Eisenberg has something very special about it. We want to fill the bottle with the essence of Eisenberg as naturally as possible.

We don't need any scientific aids. Mother Nature has set up all the necessary mechanisms and processes. Over many years of learning and practicing, we have gained knowledge of these processes and can now steer them in the right direction. Because as simple as it may look and sound, there is a lot behind it. And it doesn't always go as we thought it would before. And especially at this point, what are probably the most important aspects in the production of natural wine come into play alongside excellent craftsmanship: letting go, patience, trust, time, calm. A 'will-fit' and 'will-be' mentality in the right proportions. Basic characteristics of southern Burgenland.

It's hard to believe that you can make wine with such an attitude. But that is precisely why it is with us as it is. Nothing is measured or analyzed anymore. The only basis for decision-making for any action is our senses and our feelings. The human body and mind are better aids in making a decision than measuring instruments. That is why our type of natural wine is not simply a departure from industrial methods, but above all a constant listening to oneself and calibrating one's own senses, but without drifting into the esoteric.

Our style is shaped by the soil, the grape variety and the vintage. The wines rest firmly on these foundations. Put simply, the soil in the wine shows minerality or saltiness. The grape variety has a wide variety of aromas and the vintage has structural elements. Our contribution as a winemaker is to create harmony between everything. Inperfections are permitted or even desirable; they just have to fit, serve the drinkability or represent a character trait.

We work without any intervention. Only before bottling do we add a small amount of sulfur, not always, only when necessary. The reason for this is so simple: microorganisms can destroy the wine in the bottle. We want to put a stop to this. Our type of natural wine does not have strict dogma, nor do we preach for the converts. We are not conservative, but we also don't take in every whim of the zeitgeist. We want to bottle the terroir of Eisenberg with all its subtleties in our winery as tastfuly as possible. We make wine with joy and passion. Groszer wines.

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