- Groszer Wine -
It is the passion for the distinctive and remarkable terroir of the Eisenberg in Südburgenland that drives Matthias Krön and Markus Bach. On this extraordinary hillside with its old grapevines growing in steeply sloped vineyard sites, wines are created that are no less individualistic. Not to mention wild and elemental and on occasion frightfully stubborn... But it was precisely these characteristics that attracted Matthias Krön and Markus Bach. The Eisenberg got them under its spell.
- Love at firts sip -
We want to express the autochthonous character of the Eisenberg, to not clean it up or polish away the wild parts. Well, this might indeed be a romantic notion. But isn’t that part of losing your heart, to a person or a place? - Matthias Krön
Markus Bach
Oenologist & Partner
It is fascinating, the way the grape variety Blaufränkisch expresses the essence of the soils. I find this exciting. I want to bring out the distinctive characteristic features, of these wines from the Eisenberg, even better.
Antonia Voit
Vineyard Manager
We have committed ourselves totally to nature, and are working in high gear toward organic certification.
Matthias Krön
Managing Director
Wines that speak their own individual language fascinate me. From the very beginning, the Eisenberg had me under its spell. Its terroir is distinctive, and the wines are incomparably fascinating.