Get out the grill!

Summertime is time for cooking out of doors! During the warm summer months the seductively aromas of grilled food waft their way through every neighbourhood. Bratwurst, steaks, zucchini and aubergine (or eggplant if you’re American) – everything goes over the coals. We’ll tell you here which of our wines fits where, and what it takes to make your next cookout a rousing success!  

Rosé as an apéritif

Groszer Wein Gemischter Satz Rosé als Aperitif

The charcoal is already burning on the barbecue, the first guests arrive – and a cool sip of rosé is waiting in the glass. Fruity with a pleasant acidity; rosé provides the perfect transition to an evening of pleasure. The important thing is that it be nicely chillled. We recommend a drinking temperature of 7–12°C.  

Gemischter Satz with grilled fish 

Groszer Wein Gemischter Satz weiß

Fresh fish on the grill is a treat! Inside, buttery & juicy, outside nicely smoky & crisp; the fish demands a dry, refreshing white wine. Our white Gemischter Satz cuts a fine figure here with its creamy and pleasingly plump texture, but our Blaufränkisch DAC also fits the fish surprisingly well.  

Blaufränkisch DAC with grilled vegetables

Groszer Wein Blaufränkisch DAC zu Gegrilltem Gemüse

Our Blaufränkisch DAC expresses the terroir of the Eisenberg in a marvellous manner. Beautifully refreshing with pithy acidity and robust tannins, it offers attractive scents of sour cherries & blackberries. In the summertime it goes quite nicely with the roasting aroma of charcoal-grilled vegetables, tastes very good with tart vegetables such as bell peppers, or with baked potatoes.  

Rote Küvee with the steak

Groszer Wein Rote Küvée zum Gegrillten Steak

Not only roasts, but grilled meat also calls for a powerful red wine! Again, roasted aromas come into play, which harmonise so well with the big red. Our red cuvée of Zweigelt, Blaufränkisch, Syrah, Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot presents an exciting complexity that will go very handsomely with your steak.

We hope you enjoy trying out these pairings! 

Grillgenuss mit Groszer Wein